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Bali, Indonesien: Insel des Mülls

Touristen meiden die Insel der Götter

Bali: Genug ist genug. Die Touristen bleiben weg wegen des Mülls meldet die Seminyak Times. Wann findet endlich ein Umdenken statt ?

Unfortunately, the visits have dropped significantly in 2019, which has affected tourist spending, with a drop of eight percent so far recorded. According to many, one of the main reasons for the drop is because rubbish has become a major problem on the island, especially on the beaches and the sea, which are the main tourist attractions…
Quelle: https://seminyaktimes.com/100-trash-barriers-to-be-installed-on-bali-rivers-to-prevent-trash-going-into-the-sea/

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Originally posted 2022-09-15 17:45:44.

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